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Welcome to our Site!

Faith Worship Center of Baltimore

was established in 2014. We are a Christian Church plant. We believe that Jesus was born, lived, died and rose again to give us the opportunity to be reconciled (restored) back to God.

We are a Bible believing Body of Believers that seek to make dynamic disciples and raise up restorers.

Our hallmark scripture is Matthew 28:18-20.

Rev Byron Neal is our Senior Pastor.

Rev Keionna Neal serves as our Co-Pastor. Together, they have served in ministry for more than 23yrs.

Our Vision and Mission statement:

Raising Up Restorers in the Faith

Through Repentance and Reassignment 

Contact Information

Faith Worship Center of Baltimore

Pastor Byron


Co-Pastor Keionna Neal 

Call us 

(443) 681-9607





Bible study conference call line

Wednesday evenings 



443 961-2460

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Bible Studies

  • Daily Word on Facebook Live   @ 12 Noon

  • Every Wednesday Night at 7:30 pm

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How Jesus Prayed

Jesus Prayed for Others

Matt 19:13

Jesus prayed Alone

Luke 5:16

Jesus prayed regularly

Jesus prayed based on truth

John 4:24

John 8:32

Jesus taught persistence in prayer

Luke 18:

Jesus knew that all of HIS prayers would be answered as Expected

Matt 26:36-44

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   Byron Neal, 

  Keionna Neal 


Faith Worship Center of Baltimore 

on every

Sunday at 12 noon


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Upcoming Events

Join Pastor & Co Pastor for 30 minute teaching weekdays at 12 noon

  • Join Fwcbaltimore fblive service on Palm Sunday April 5th at 12 noon Pastor Byron will be sharing the WOrd of God

  • Join Pastor Byron & Co Pastor Keionna on Friday April 10th for a virtual 7 last Sayings with Brazil AME Church

  • Join Faith Worship Center of Baltimore for a special SUNRISE SERVICE on RESURRECTION SUNDAY at  6am!!!!

  • Beginning  Monday, April 13th at 7pm CoPastor K will be starting her next series with the women. Contact her at [email protected] if you are interested in joining this group. This will be a private group meeting for the next 7 weeks every Monday and will require commitment.